Evangeline is 2½!

Posted by Laure on 2013.11.21 @ 12:29:52 am



  • Height: 34.5″ (~25th percentile)
  • Weight: 27 lb (~30th percentile)
  • Clothing sizes: 3T for tops, 2T or 3T for bottoms, Toddler 6-7 for shoes


  • Mostly potty-trained… we’re still using diapers for nighttime and naps, but she wakes up clean and dry about half the time. :)
  • Sings ABCs, recognizes all letters, spells short words like cat, dog, pig, box, water
  • Counts to 30 (although, she sometimes calls 30 “twenty-zero” haha)
  • Draws happy faces and trains (see below); also draws Veggie Tales characters, writes her name “E-V-I-E”

We had a little photo shoot at a local park in honor of the two and a half year mark. Enjoy!





Evie loves running outside, particular down hills. This was a particularly enticing hill for her because it was a long and high one. After a bunch of photos, I told her to go ahead and run up the hill, since she’d been eyeballing it the whole time.


She found that it was a little steeper than she realized and asked for a helping hand to climb up the rest of the way.


Once she got to the top, she took off running down the hill. Look at the joy on her sweet little face!





This kiddo is quite an artist. She has ridiculously good fine motor control. Here are some of Evie’s recent drawings:

This one is “Bob the Tomato” from Veggie Tales (drawn in September 2013, when she was 28m)


These are from a week or so ago… Evie drawing trains (she LOVES Thomas and Friends these days).




And, if you aren’t sure why this “Percy” has brown on his back… it’s from her favorite Percy book:


She also has started writing her name on her papers… This one is in an old sketchbook of mine from college that I gave to her for coloring.


And, lest you think that everything she draws is impressive, here’s a recent masterpiece…


I had left her by herself with the markers while I ran down to throw in a load of laundry, when I heard her calling down the stair to me. “Momma, tum see! I cu-yerd on my trace!” (‘Momma, come see! I colored on my face!”)

Don’t worry; it was washable marker and came off her face, hands, and clothes with only a little bit of scrubbing. :)

If you aren’t sick off all the cuteness yet, here’s two pics from our Halloween trip to the zoo with our Little Red Riding Hood.




Joel dressed as the Wood Cutter, and I went as the Big Bad Wolf. We forgot to get a family picture though. Boo.

I can’t believe how quickly time has passed! It’s crazy. Evangeline is turning into such a sweet little girl, and I am truly blessed to be her mom. I apologize if any of this comes across as bragging; that’s not my intention. I just love this kid so much, and I’m in awe of how the Lord is blessing us. I know it’s not because of me—it’s all because of Him. :) LOVE!


Just for fun…

Evie at 6 monthsOctober 28, 2011 (6 Months) Evie at 18 monthsOctober 28, 2012 (18 Months)
evie at 30 monthsOctober 28, 2013 (30 Months)

3 Comments to “Evangeline is 2½!”

  1. roger and shirley:

    thank you Laure for the adorable pictures of Evie like i always say she is like the sunshine, always happy and smiling,but i’m sure has her days.we are looking forward to seeing you all at thanksgiving.
    love grandmom and grandpop lightcap

  2. MOMMOM:

    Now I can take them to CVS and get them printed so I have them to put in my Grandma book! Thank you for thinking of me. :) SO BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Kelley:

    Cuteness! And I have not looked at her baby pics recently and I do think these cousins look alike. She is so precious and growing fast. What a good little artist!

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