Evangeline is 17 Months Old!

Posted by Laure on 2012.10.13 @ 10:34:46 am

Evie at 17 months

Evangeline is 17 months old!

Clothes Size: 18m for tops; 18m for bottoms; Toddler 5-6 for shoes

New Stuff: Showing LOTS of preferences about foods (sigh…); points to all her body parts when asked (new: knee, elbow, cheeks, face, fingers, toes); asks for help when she gets into a jam (a very distinctive whining sound, followed by “Yeah” when I ask if she needs help. It is adorable.); climbs up onto a small step stool and stands (trying to climb… look out!); upper canines are peeking in… lower first molars are starting to come in too

New Words (total 14): Ba-ba (baby), Baaaah (ball), “Zee” (Roxy), Aaaaaay (neigh for horse sound), Bah (bye)… a lot of her words sound the same, but you can tell what she means based on context.

Favorites: Loves putting puzzles together, but can get frustrated if the pieces don’t got together immediately; has developed an attachment to her stuffed kitty and the blanket I made for her (they tend to be carried all around the house with her); favorite song these days is “Diggy Dime” by Burlap to Cashmere; loves stickers (peeling and placing, peeling and placing, peeling and placing, and then eating them if I don’t catch her first); moves magnets from the fridge to the dishwasher and back again over and over; walks around with her toothbrush in her mouth… I think it helps make her gums feel better since she is getting a bunch of teeth.

Two more photos because I couldn’t resist her cuteness:

I asked her to "Kiss Bunny!"

Who can resist this face?

And just for fun…

September 28, 2011 (5 Months) – HOLY CHEEKS, BATMAN! evie 17 monthsSeptember 28, 2012 (17 Months)

2 Comments to “Evangeline is 17 Months Old!”

  1. Kelley:

    Love these! Linc does too. “Mommy, it’s Evie! Hi Evie!”

  2. MomMom:

    You are adorable, Evie Day. But, you are growing up too quickly! I love you. :)

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