Evangeline is 16 Months Old!

Posted by Laure on 2012.08.30 @ 04:23:53 pm

evie at 16 months

Evangeline is 16 months old!

Clothes Size: 18m for tops; 18m for bottoms

New Stuff: Says “Na-na” for Nina when I point to a picture of Caryn; using spoons and forks on her own occasionally; running; taking steps one at a time while holding our hands; she seems to have had a foot growth spurt as she’s nearly grown out of the Crocs and canvas sneakers she got in July; sometimes she puts her hands together on her own when it’s time to pray… but sometimes she ignores us completely… depends on her mood; she’s increasingly becoming her own person, showing preferences and opinions about almost everything we encounter in the day (diaper changes, foods, clothes, toys, books, inside/outside, etc.)

Words (9): Momma, Dadda, Mom-mom, Na-na (Nina for Caryn), cheese, tee (teeth, as in “brush teeth”), yah (yes), nah (no), uh (up), dah (down), PLUS animal noises (cat, sheep, cow, snake)

Favorites: Loves to read her “Face Book” (a photo album of all our immediate family members); looking at flash cards on the iPad; reading books alone or with us; her stuffed kitty cat (she walks around “meowing”); making a tent from blankets over her head; loves brushing her or my hair; loves to play with hair ties and headbands (but can’t wear them yet… not enough hair);

And just for fun…

August 28, 2011 (4 Months)

evie 16 months

August 28, 2012 (16 Months)

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  1. Kelley:

    LOVE IT! LOVE THE HAIR! Too funny, what a sweetie!

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