Silent Auction Update

Posted by Laure on 2012.07.01 @ 01:04:55 pm

It’s been two weeks since we launched our silent auction fundraiser and 13 hours since it closed, and I can now say a few things:

  1. If we do this again, I might use a service… It’s a bit more labor-intensive than I realized. And it would be nice if everyone was auto-billed via credit card, so I don’t have to keep track of payments.
  2. People are wonderful. Friends, family, and friends of friends and family came out in droves to check out our site, donate items, place bids, or just spread the word. I am amazed by the generosity! People have even given us more than their bids to help cover shipping and other expenses… and just because they wanted to.
  3. To quote the late Rich Mullins, our God is awesome. Seriously. We had hoped for $1,000. I secretly just hoped for $500, so this whole thing wouldn’t be a ginormous public failure. Silly me. I should have known to trust and relax.

So, what’s the grand total? Not sure yet, since most of the payments have not come in yet. But the grand total of the bids was…

Drumroll please…


Yes, you read that correctly, if you read thirteen hundred, forty-nine dollars.

Special thanks to the following people for their amazing generosity in donating items to the auction:

  • Lynn Friedberg
  • John David Kudrick
  • Andy Lepper
  • Dana Patterson
  • Dave & Mandy Reed
  • Katie Strohecker
  • Kelley Rose Waller

I guess it’s time for me to buckle down and get sewing & baking! :)

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