Evangeline is 13 Months Old!

Posted by Laure on 2012.06.10 @ 10:05:18 pm

Evie 13 months

Evangeline is 13 months old!

Clothes Size: 9-12m or 12-18m for tops; 12-18m for bottoms

New Skills: standing without holding on for short periods of time (while clapping, drinking from a cup, etc.); says “bo” or “ba” for blow (as a command… as in, “bo, dada!” so Joel will blow at her); says “dow” or other “d” sounds when she wants to be put down; walking for 10-15 steps while holding on to us with one hand; stacking cups and blocks;

Favorites: Pizza crust; RAISINS; graham crackers; sunglasses (mine to play with… unfortunately, not hers to wear); taking short walks with the dog; picking grass to examine closely (and sometimes taste); snuggling with pillows and blankets; pinwheels; her Radio Flyer wagon

2 Comments to “Evangeline is 13 Months Old!”

  1. Kelley:

    Stop the growing! Stop it, stop it now!

    No, it is ok because you get cuter and smarter each day. Aunt Kell loves you!!

  2. Grandma:

    What an amazing thirteenth tale this is. God has blessed us with one wonderful little girl that we adore.

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