Evangeline is 2½!

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  • Height: 34.5″ (~25th percentile)
  • Weight: 27 lb (~30th percentile)
  • Clothing sizes: 3T for tops, 2T or 3T for bottoms, Toddler 6-7 for shoes


  • Mostly potty-trained… we’re still using diapers for nighttime and naps, but she wakes up clean and dry about half the time. :)
  • Sings ABCs, recognizes all letters, spells short words like cat, dog, pig, box, water
  • Counts to 30 (although, she sometimes calls 30 “twenty-zero” haha)
  • Draws happy faces and trains (see below); also draws Veggie Tales characters, writes her name “E-V-I-E”

We had a little photo shoot at a local park in honor of the two and a half year mark. Enjoy!





Evie loves running outside, particular down hills. This was a particularly enticing hill for her because it was a long and high one. After a bunch of photos, I told her to go ahead and run up the hill, since she’d been eyeballing it the whole time.


She found that it was a little steeper than she realized and asked for a helping hand to climb up the rest of the way.


Once she got to the top, she took off running down the hill. Look at the joy on her sweet little face!





This kiddo is quite an artist. She has ridiculously good fine motor control. Here are some of Evie’s recent drawings:

This one is “Bob the Tomato” from Veggie Tales (drawn in September 2013, when she was 28m)


These are from a week or so ago… Evie drawing trains (she LOVES Thomas and Friends these days).




And, if you aren’t sure why this “Percy” has brown on his back… it’s from her favorite Percy book:


She also has started writing her name on her papers… This one is in an old sketchbook of mine from college that I gave to her for coloring.


And, lest you think that everything she draws is impressive, here’s a recent masterpiece…


I had left her by herself with the markers while I ran down to throw in a load of laundry, when I heard her calling down the stair to me. “Momma, tum see! I cu-yerd on my trace!” (‘Momma, come see! I colored on my face!”)

Don’t worry; it was washable marker and came off her face, hands, and clothes with only a little bit of scrubbing. :)

If you aren’t sick off all the cuteness yet, here’s two pics from our Halloween trip to the zoo with our Little Red Riding Hood.




Joel dressed as the Wood Cutter, and I went as the Big Bad Wolf. We forgot to get a family picture though. Boo.

I can’t believe how quickly time has passed! It’s crazy. Evangeline is turning into such a sweet little girl, and I am truly blessed to be her mom. I apologize if any of this comes across as bragging; that’s not my intention. I just love this kid so much, and I’m in awe of how the Lord is blessing us. I know it’s not because of me—it’s all because of Him. :) LOVE!


Just for fun…

Evie at 6 monthsOctober 28, 2011 (6 Months) Evie at 18 monthsOctober 28, 2012 (18 Months)
evie at 30 monthsOctober 28, 2013 (30 Months)

Photo Update — What we’ve been up to lately

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April 13, 2013 – Dinner out and a walk around Station Square
Quick family photo (these don’t happen too often!) by the train tracks. Evie loved watching the trains go by; it was the highlight of her day for sure! You’ll see that trains are becoming a recurring theme around here.


Found all my old doll stuff at my parents’ house and brought it with me to Pittsburgh for Evangeline
So much family history in one photo! Crib handmade by Evie’s Great-Great Grandfather George Ficter for his daughter, Evie’s Great Grandma Jayne Hanks-Baker (my dad’s mom); quilt designed by Great Grandma Vera Lenker (Joel’s mom’s mom), completed by Grandma Nada Kline; blanket knitted by Great-Great Grandma Florence Young (my mom’s dad’s mom) for my baby dolls; bib sewed by Evie’s Great Grandma Rosamond Young (my mom’s mom), and the sleeping baby doll was mine when I was a little girl… and all passed down to my Evangeline!


Evie’s new sunglasses
Hello Kitty chic, don’t you think? She’s also in her “big girl” convertible car seat, which she’ll be able to fit into until she’s about 13, considering how tiny my “big girl” is!


This chair was a gift from Great Uncle John and Great Aunt Denise for Evie’s first birthday; she fits into it much better this year! She can even get in and out easily on her own now. :)


May 4, 2013 — Bike Ride!
Evie definitely likes biking a lot more this year than she did last year, probably because the helmet doesn’t weigh more than the rest of her body anymore! Joel pulls her in the trailer (which has space for two kiddos, yay!) These photos are from along one of the rail trails.


After biking, we sat for a while and watched the trains. I love this particular trail because at more than one point along the way, you can be biking under a bridge full of cars and trucks, next to a river with a tugboat and a barge on one side, with a train on the other side, and (if you’re lucky) a plane or helicopter overhead. This place is a crazy wonderland for kids that love vehicles!


May 11, 2013 — Big Girl Bed!
We converted Evangeline’s crib into the toddler version so she can get in and out when she wants to. There were a few days of transition, but she really did very well. We still keep a gate on the door, though, to keep her from running wild in the middle of the night (haha). Her bed is now one of her favorite places to read books. Sometimes, I’ll go in to get her after a nap and find every book from her bookshelf in the bed with her (along with every stuffed animal she could reach). She often sits and recites her books (she has a log of them memorized) to her baby dolls before falling asleep amongst them.


This kid LOVES letters and numbers, so we’ve spent a good part of the spring and summer with them written all over the driveway in chalk… usually peppered with more than a few kitties, several Elmos, and a big bird or two.


Also this spring, we picked up a cute toddler swing set from Craigslist for super cheap. Thanks, Joel, for taking it apart, transporting it, and putting it back together!! Evie LOVES to swing… and lately she’s been starting to love the sliding board too!


Memorial Day Weekend — Weddings!
My girls from high school at Manda’s wedding (Mandi, Manda, me, Heidi)


June 1, 2013: Camping & Happy 30th, Joel!
To celebrate Joel’s 30th birthday, we headed to Ohiopyle for our first tent camping trip as a family of three. It was SO HOT that weekend, and it rained a lot overnight… we survived on very little sleep and a very long trip in the air conditioned car so Evie could finally get a nap. In between the difficult parts, we had a blast! We’ll give it another try in the fall!


Evie’s first slice of watermelon (definitely not the last). It was love at first slurp!






Back at home, we brought all the bath toys out to the tiny wading pool… and Evie spent her time quacking at her duckies and shouting out the numbers.


Biking Downtown

I just felt like these four photos needed to be a little photo-strip. Seriously, isn’t she the cutest?


18-fountain 19-fountain


Momma is so silly!


Dadda, it’s too bright!


And then, I got her a new hat to replace the pink conductor’s hat that was adorable but was getting too small. This one will fit for a few years! I heart consignment stores!


June 22, 2013 — The Secret Garden Wedding & Our 6th Anniversary
We kicked off the summer fun with a trip to Philadelphia for my friend Heidi’s wedding, which happened to be on Joel and my 6th anniversary. It was a great excuse to give Evie a weekend at Grandma & Grandpa’s house and spend the weekend on our own for the first time since she was born.

This wedding took place at an amazing location, complete with gardens and gates that seemed straight out of a movie.



Colin Craven? Is that you?



Oh, wait. Nope. There (s)he is. For the uninitiated, I (embarrassingly enough) played Colin Craven, the little crippled boy, in my high school’s production of The Secret Garden in 11th grade. It involved a wig with amazing sideburns and an antique wheelchair.




Happy six years!


Summer Gardening — The moths are eating our broccoli. Also the basil. Boo, moths. Our lettuce appears unscathed. Tomato plants are small and sad with no actual tomatoes. Stay tuned. This is riveting stuff.


July 2013 — Evie has conquered her fear of the sliding board! She regularly sends her stuffed animals for a ride (including “Abby” who is pictured here, named after Grandma & Grandpa’s cat).


All decked out in her 4th of July skirt from Grandma :)


Cookout time!


Burgers with bleu cheese, homemade barbecue sauce and onion straws, plus grilled asparagus spears and sweet potato fries. My phone made my food into art.


Sparklers! Evangeline was a little wary at first, but soon decided that these were amazing sticks of sparkling awesomeness that should never, ever stop. We rapidly used up the entire box.


Finally broke down and painted the kiddo’s toenails, and she thought it was amazing. She didn’t sit very still (imagine that!), so it wasn’t the most perfect paint job, but she certainly did not mind one bit! The purple (below) wore off quickly (it was really old nail polish), so I let her pick a new shade at the pharmacy. She picked a bright teal/mint/blue/green shade, and we had another pedicure party. She still hasn’t stopped exclaiming, “Green toes!” whenever she notices them. This photo is almost life-sized. I can’t decide if that’s gross or adorable.


Welcome, Baby Camden!

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The same day as Evangeline’s 2nd birthday party, we had what was supposed to be a shower for my sister Kelley and the soon-to-be-born baby Camden. It ended up being a “welcome to the world, Camden” party, since he was unexpected born via c-section the previous Tuesday (5 lb, 19 in), which was about 4 weeks early.

Since his party was the same day as Evie’s and at the same location, we decided to go with a complimentary theme to the hot air balloons…

A quick swap of a few decorations, and—voilà!

I made some cake pops (dark chocolate cake & fudge frosting) and dipped them in blue white chocolate.

Thanks to Pinterest, I saw this super cute idea to use Ball jars instead of paper cups, along with these cute blue and gray straws, and I added some cloud cutouts, which I used as markers so we’d know whose cup is whose.

The proud parents, Matt & Kelley! Camden is still in the NICU right now, so keep praying for his growth and healing! I don’t have any pics of Lincoln, Matt & Kelley’s other son, because he was attempting to take a nap during this party… as was Evie. That didn’t really happen for either of them; too much excitement and cake earlier in the day!

I wish I had more photos to share of this party, but I didn’t manage to get very many. If you have some, please send them to me!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Evangeline!

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Last Saturday, we celebrated Evangeline’s 2nd birthday with our families. It was a crazy weekend, but we had SO much fun. Yes, I realize that I went a bit “over the top” with our “Evangeline is growing up, up, up” theme, but I loved doing it!

I used the graphics from her invitations to add a few fun little touches throughout the party; this little sign was on the front door to welcome everyone in.

Treats included tomato bacon cups, almond sugar cookies, tropical chicken salad sandwiches, white chocolate dipped Oreos, pretzel rods, Teddy Grahams & Nilla Wafers (for the little ones), delicious crab dip & crackers (made by Joel’s mom), punch, and—of course—cake!

I made a three layer butter cake with buttercream frosting, and I added peaches & fresh strawberries between the layers for the balloon part. Then I did a dark chocolate cake with fudge frosting for the basket. I decided to try my hand at homemade marshmallow fondant, which turned out great for my very first try! I piped the chocolate frosting to create the basket-weave look… thanks to an online tutorial. The bows and strings on the basket are white chocolate (well… pink chocolate, I guess!) that I melted and piped.


My poor momma has two black eyes because she was hit by a stray softball at a church softball game—broken nose! She said that it didn’t hurt, but I have been hit in the head with a field hockey ball before… and, let me tell you, it didn’t feel good. She’s so tough.

My gorgeous honorary nephew, Tyler, son of my cousin Heather & her husband Tim. LOVE HIM! So cute.

Opening presents & cards—lots of kitties on the cards; Ev was in her happy place!

New giraffe backpack from Uncle Bob & Aunt Paula

Despite all our practicing in the days leading up to the party, Evie was too nervous to blow out the candles… So I did the honors for her.

Inside the cake :) Surprise! I dyed the cake layers different shades of pink for an ombre effect.

I’ll have to dig it up, but I have a photo of my Great Grandma Florence Young feeding me cake off a fork when I was around this age, so we recreated the photo with Evie’s Great Pop-Pop Jack Young. She needed a little coaxing to eat off his fork, but, once she realized it was cake, she wanted more!

What a fun day!!

Thank you to everyone who attended the party or sent your happy birthday wishes to Evie! We love you.

If you have photos of the party, please send them to me so I can put them in our archive. I don’t have many pics with Joel in them because he was the photographer for most of the day. :)

Evangeline is 21 & 22 Months Old

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Clearly, things have been a bit ridiculous in the Kline household lately. You know it’s bad if I can’t even manage my monthly “brag about my kid” post. I don’t have any of the usual updates on how many words she was saying or other specifics for the past two months, so I’ll just post the pics and add in my thoughts about her growth in the last two months. Sound good? Ok, cool. Read on, my friends, family members, and blog stalkers. :)

Evie 21 months

Evangeline is 21 months old!

Clothes Size: 24m for tops; 24m for bottoms; Toddler 6 for shoes

And just for fun…

Evie is 9 months old!
January 28, 2012 (9 Months)
evie at 21 monthsJanuary 28, 2013 (21 Months)


Evie 22 months

Evangeline is 22 months old!

Clothes Size: 24m for tops; 24m for bottoms; Toddler 6 for shoes

Favorites: “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair” from South Pacific (video below) — Caryn made two CDs of songs from old musicals, and we’ve been playing them a lot lately. Seriously, she plays this song over and over and over… It’s hilarious. She’ll skip through the whole disc to get to song #11.

A few weeks ago, she was pretty obsessed with her baby doll, but that seems to be waning a bit… and her delight for everything related to kitties is also fading a bit. She still loves them, but she doesn’t insist on carrying 3+ stuffed cats everywhere we go. And when she sees a cat, her “meowing” is at a must lower decibel than it was a few weeks ago. :)

Her eating habits are getting bit less picky, but it’s still hard to get her to try new things. Last night, for instance, she passed up a beef & sweet potato stew that I’d been cooking in the CrockPot for 8 hours in favor of vanilla yogurt and peanut butter crackers. Sigh. At least she’s healthy!

Her speaking is getting more and more clear each day. I can’t keep track of how many words she knows at this point, because she can, for the most part, communicate what she wants to say by pointing, answering my yes/no questions, and saying sounds and syllables that clue me in. She still has trouble with K, G, J, and L sounds, but can do good enough substitutions that I usually figure out what she wants after a few tries. I can tell that not being able to articulate her thoughts is frustrating for her, but she has made great strides, particularly in the last two months.

We’ve also been working on recognizing the letters of the alphabet, completely by accident at first. Kelley had given us vinyl letters — E V I E — which I put on the wall above Evie’s crib. I pointed to them every day and told her, “E-V-I-E! Evie!” Eventually she started chanting, “E-E-I-E” along with me… and pointing out the letter “E” anywhere she saw it. I picked up a pack of foam letters and numbers at the store and showed them to her. Within a week, she had nearly all the letters memorized by sight.

BRAG ALERT: At this point, she recognizes A, B, D, E, F, H, I, M, N, O, P, R, S, T, V, W, X, Y, Z, 2, AND 8. :)

I’ll try to get a video of her saying the letters, because it is awesomely adorable. My favorites are W (bwub-bwub) and Y (yaaaeeee).

Evie 22 months CloseUp

And just for fun…

Evie is 10 months old!February 28, 2012 (10 Months) evie at 22 monthsFebruary 28, 2013 (22 Months)


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That is all.

Our New Adoption Blog

Posted by Laure on 2013.01.26 @ 02:09:26 pm

If you’ve been waiting for adoption process updates over here… we’ll you’ve been waiting a long time, huh? Sorry about that! We started a separate adoption blog so that this personal blog wouldn’t get too overloaded with all of that… and so that people who want to follow our adoption story don’t get overloaded with my personal ramblings and updates about Evie’s milestones in potty training and dancing. :)

Check it out at onethousandforone.com (or click the giant logo below).

For details about the name of the blog (One Thousand for One), check out this blog post.

Christmas & New Years

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Is it too late to say Merry Christmas? Happy New Year? Well, our tree is still up, so I’m going to assume that you’ll allow me this grand delay. :)

Here are some photos from our crazy triple-Christmas!

Christmas Eve

We misplaced Evie’s favorite Kitty at church on Sunday, so Mom-mom let Evie open up one of her presents early…. and it was a kitty with a kitty-filled book! :) Needless to say, Evie was pleased.

Christmas Morning

On Christmas morning, we opened even more presents (including kitty #2), and an ornament filled with little pom-poms. And, yes, she is wearing reindeer antlers.

At lunchtime, we headed to the Kline house for Christmas dinner and, you guessed it, more presents (including kitty #3). I know there was more to our Christmas than gifts, but it’s all I took picture of! New table/kitchen :)

When we made it back to Pittsburgh, we were welcomed with several inches of snow! On Friday morning, we bundled Evie up and took her outside for her first sledding experience. It may have just been a trash can lid, but she didn’t seem to mind!

Joel & Evie

All smiles after “sledding” :)

Klinemas Stockings

On Saturday, we had our first annual Kline-mas (our very own Christmas… but, don’t worry, we didn’t take Jesus out of the nativity and put a tiny doll of Joel in there instead.) When I was pregnant with Evie, I crocheted these stockings for us and put our initials on them… They are really huge because I am crazy about stockings :) and I love stocking stuffers!


Deer Ornament

I couldn’t find a Baby’s First Christmas ornament that I liked last year, but I did find one this year!

2012 Christmas Ornament

Evie’s new ornament for 2012 is a stuffed bear with a scarf… we went with something that didn’t have any sharp or pointy edges so she could carry it around and take it on and off the tree without us having to worry about her accidentally breaking it or hurting herself. She seemed to really like it!

Evie's new wagon

Evangeline loves her new red wagon! It’s become a game to climb in and out, fill it up with stuffed animals, and buckle & unbuckle the seatbelts over and over and over. I can hardly wait until we have a reason to take her outside in it! // Thanks, Great Aunt Barb K., for the giant teddy bear (who we have named “Big Bear” because we are SO creative)!

After we returned to Pittsburgh, Evie got a special package in the mail that contained, you guessed it, her missing kitty! We now have a herd of kitties, and Evangeline is turning into a crazy cat lady. Ha! I think that’s enough kitties for now. :) LOVE!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Evangeline is 20 Months Old

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evie at 20 months

Evangeline is 20 months old!

Clothes Size: 18m or 24m for tops; 24m for bottoms; Toddler 5-6 for shoes

New Stuff: Loves learning about letters from her new alphabet blocks, playing with play dough, coloring with crayons, still super picky about food

New Words (total 19): Hmm… Can’t think of any, but I’m sure there are more. She repeats almost anything we ask her to. :)

Favorites: A lot of the same… stacking blocks and building towers of Duplos, loves broccoli, is a sneaky breakfast cereal thief (you can’t eat a bowl in front of her without her begging to have some)

And here are some other fun little moments with Evie

Evie with bunny

Evie with her bunny

When you squeeze her belly, she sings, “Listening to the music makes me smile, everything is beautiful and worthwhile, watch me dance around with grace and style, you can call me Little Twinkle Toes!” Evie LOVES it every time. Adorable!

The box from Evie’s new wagon gets more play time than the wagon itself. :)

And just for fun…

Evie is 8 months old!December 28, 2011 (8 Months) evie at 20 monthsDecember 28, 2012 (20 Months)


2012 Resolution Round-Up

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2012 Resolution Round-Up

In January, I made a series of resolutions for 2012. And then promptly forgot about them. I guess that’s how things go when you are busy raising a toddler and a small business!

So, how did I do? Ugh. Not great. Let’s have a look, shall we?

  • Launch our new business website
    LIME Logo
    CHECK (almost). We had our new site nearly complete, when I realized I wasn’t happy with the brand direction. So, we went back to the drawing board. We officially announced our name change a few weeks ago, and the site is going to launch this week. It may have taken a year, but it’s really finally happening!
  • Take a business class
    Nope. Not even a little bit. Adding this to my 2013 list.
  • Teach Evie to say or sign the names of all immediate family members
    Nope. We’ve got Momma, Dadda, Nina, Mom-Mom, and Roxy (well… Zee, but it means Roxy). No such luck for the rest of the family. We’ll keep working on it. But Ev is just not much of a talker. 2013!
  • Go snowboarding with Joel at least once
    I was finally honest with Joel and told him that I hate snowboarding. So we didn’t go, but then I decided to give it another shot for the sake of doing something he loves. We didn’t go at all this year, but I am putting snowboarding on my 2013 list too.
  • Finish a writing project
    So sad. Nope. And I’m not even adding this to 2013, because I don’t feel resolved to do it. There are other things I want to accomplish, plus I’m not even sure I’m a writer anymore. I’m barely a graphic designer. I’m a mom, with other stuff on the side. And that’s perfect (for now).
  • Bike the 35- or 60-mile Bike:MS Cook Forest River Ride in September
    Bike:MS 2012
    CHECK! Joel and I did the 35-mile ride this year. (Sorry for the bad photo… it’s the only one the official Bike:MS photog managed to snap of us, and, since we were on our own this year, we didn’t have anyone else to take a pic for us!)
  • Raise $5,000 toward our adoption fund
    CHECK (almost). I haven’t done the final tally, but I’m going to go ahead and call this one. :) Hooray!

In the end, I only accomplished 3 of 7, and two of them are “almost.” Let’s just say that 2012 took an unexpected turn with Evangeline’s evolution into toddlerhood. It’s a lot hard than I thought to accomplish simple things like making the bed, vacuuming the floors, and wiping the kitchen counters when you have a child running around like a crazed lunatic, aiming her eyeballs at all pointy corners.

Stay tuned for my 2013 resolutions!


Oct-Nov 2012 Update

Posted by Laure on 2012.12.07 @ 03:38:08 pm

It’s been a while since I did a full-family update… so here’s a quick overview of the end of October through November.

Falloween Party

This year (and probably our last with P:F), we dressed as Leela (Laure), Fry (Joel), and Nibbler (Evie) from the TV show Futurama. It was hilarious and awesome to see Evie running around dressed as Nibbler! Too bad we’re getting too old for Project:Fracture; I guess we need to throw a costume party if we want to have a reason to dress up again!


We had two Thanksgivings again, the first on Thursday with the Kline family and the second on Friday with the Hanks family! Both meals were delicious! I made chocolate and peanut butter fudge for the occasion, and, if I am allowed to say this (haha), I was sad when the fudge was gone, because it was SO good. :)

Prep for Thanksgiving #1: Grandma Nada and Uncle Devon hard at work

Evie’s new favorite outfit – Kitty shirt, kitty pants, and a purple tutu skirt!

Thanksgiving #2: The Hanks Table :)

Mom-Mom and cousin Lincoln reading and playing with stickers!

Showing Dadda the stickers collage she made

First look at Kelley’s baby bump! New cousin, ETA May 18, 2013! :) :) :)

Christmas Prep

Okay, so technically, this photo was taken before Thanksgiving, but I felt like the photo needed to be after. :) We decorated our tree the week before Thanksgiving so we could come home to a Christmas-y house… Plus, I want Evie to have the longest Christmas experience she can!

Evie and Roxy checking out our tree

Evangeline is 19 Months Old

Posted by Laure on 2012.12.07 @ 03:31:11 pm

Evie is 19 months old

Evangeline is 19 months old!

Clothes Size: 18m or 24m for tops; 24m for bottoms; Toddler 5-6 for shoes

New Stuff: First top molars are coming in; signs “love” (a sign we made up, not the ASL one); crosses her arms; super picky about food these days; loves to do silly dances, spin in circles, and chase us around; when on Skype with Mom-mom and Grandma, she puts the iPad in her doll stroller and pushes them around the house

New Words (total 19): please

Favorites: Watches “Yo Gabba Gabba” a few minutes at a time, still loves kitties (meows at everything), fruit puree packets for snack, building with Duplo® blocks, taking ornaments off the tree and putting them back on

And here’s a little cheeser face for you…

And just for fun…

Evie is 6 months old!November 28, 2011 (7 Months) Evie is 19 months oldNovember 28, 2012 (19 Months)


Evangeline is 18 Months Old!

Posted by Laure on 2012.10.31 @ 10:31:14 pm

Evie at 18 months

Evangeline is 18 months old!

Clothes Size: 18m for tops; 18m for bottoms; Toddler 5-6 for shoes

New Stuff: First molars are in, slowly beginning potty training, feeds herself often with fork and spoon

New Words (total 18): stay, duck, more, potty, a few more animal noises (monkey, owl, dog [occasionally])

Favorites: Does puzzles quickly and knows what the pieces are (bird, cow, barn, etc.), cleans up after herself when asked (“Can you put the blocks in the bucket?”), loves books that rhyme, big fan of the “Head and shoulders, knees and toes” song, thinks sneezes and coughs are hilarious, loves sitting on Joel’s lap for books and songs.

And one more…

Evie 18 months Closeup

And just for fun…

Evie is 6 months old!
October 28, 2011 (6 Months)
Evie at 18 months
October 28, 2012 (18 Months)

Evangeline is 17 Months Old!

Posted by Laure on 2012.10.13 @ 10:34:46 am

Evie at 17 months

Evangeline is 17 months old!

Clothes Size: 18m for tops; 18m for bottoms; Toddler 5-6 for shoes

New Stuff: Showing LOTS of preferences about foods (sigh…); points to all her body parts when asked (new: knee, elbow, cheeks, face, fingers, toes); asks for help when she gets into a jam (a very distinctive whining sound, followed by “Yeah” when I ask if she needs help. It is adorable.); climbs up onto a small step stool and stands (trying to climb… look out!); upper canines are peeking in… lower first molars are starting to come in too

New Words (total 14): Ba-ba (baby), Baaaah (ball), “Zee” (Roxy), Aaaaaay (neigh for horse sound), Bah (bye)… a lot of her words sound the same, but you can tell what she means based on context.

Favorites: Loves putting puzzles together, but can get frustrated if the pieces don’t got together immediately; has developed an attachment to her stuffed kitty and the blanket I made for her (they tend to be carried all around the house with her); favorite song these days is “Diggy Dime” by Burlap to Cashmere; loves stickers (peeling and placing, peeling and placing, peeling and placing, and then eating them if I don’t catch her first); moves magnets from the fridge to the dishwasher and back again over and over; walks around with her toothbrush in her mouth… I think it helps make her gums feel better since she is getting a bunch of teeth.

Two more photos because I couldn’t resist her cuteness:

I asked her to "Kiss Bunny!"

Who can resist this face?

And just for fun…

September 28, 2011 (5 Months) – HOLY CHEEKS, BATMAN! evie 17 monthsSeptember 28, 2012 (17 Months)

Things I Want to Tell 15-Year-Old Me

Posted by Laure on 2012.09.16 @ 12:15:45 pm

A few days ago, I talked to a friend about what it was like for me when I was in high school. It got me to thinking about high school and how difficult it is to be a teenager. I started thinking about all the things I know now that I didn’t know then… And I wished that I could write a letter to that 15-year-old to tell her how things turn out.

Here are a few of the things I want to tell 15-year-old-me:

1. The darkness you feel in your soul is real. It is not normal. You are not just “having a hard time right now.” It’s depression. Call it what it is, and don’t be afraid to talk about it with someone who can help. Don’t hide behind negativity, sarcasm, and jokes about suicide; it’s not funny. Talk to someone. I promise that the oppressive voice in your heart will not last forever. You are one of the lucky ones who will learn to manage it, and eventually you will be free of it.

2. Keep working hard and ignore the people who try to make you feel bad for caring about your grades. Your mom will tell you that they are jealous, but you won’t believe it. Here’s the truth—they might be jealous. Or they might just be small-thinking fools who will spend college scrambling to figure out how to learn. Wear the “study bug” label with pride, but not the kind of pride that makes you haughty. Your hours of memorization, reading, and studying are teaching you to have a good work ethic. While it’s true that no one will care about your high school grades out in the “real world,” they will care that you put 100% into everything and never accept less than your best.

3. You are thin enough. You will spend your life chasing an idea of “thin” that doesn’t exist. You will reach your weight loss goals but remain unhappy if you do not learn that weight and clothes sizes are just numbers. Numbers cannot tell you who you are. Whether you are wearing a 7 or a 13,  you are enough.

4. You can rock short hair. Don’t let one guy who says that you look “butch” make you feel like you are ugly for 10 years. What makes you special is more than your appearance, but don’t get me wrong. You are beautiful, and, someday soon, someone will tell you that (and mean it). Believe him when he tells you.

5. Short skirts, tight shirts, and excessive flirting are gross. Guys will give you attention from those things, but not love. They will play with your heart and make you think that they could care, but they are just trying to ease their own loneliness too. The guys that respond to immodesty and flirtation are the ones who will cheat on you. Guard your heart from those guys. The right kind of guy will think you are amazing even when you are dirty, sweaty, tired, make-up free, and pushing out a baby.

6. The guy you think you are in love with right now will never see you in that way. And that’s okay, because there’s an adorable nerd growing up an hour away who won’t want anyone else but you. He won’t always be just out of reach. He will quit his job and move 250 miles because he just can’t take one more second of being away from you. Wait for him. He is awesome (see above).

7. Your faith is going to be shaken. You will be faced with loneliness, confusion, loss, disease, and death. These things will disrupt your world. They will make you question your whole life. They will make you wonder if God is good or evil. Remember one thing. The one constant thing in the midst of this dark and scary world is the Lord. He holds you, despite how alone you may sometimes feel. You are not strong enough to handle everything on your own. Choose to lean on Him, and do it quickly. You can avoid so much wandering if you can decide to give up on what is “supposed to be” and what “should be” and learn to trust in His providence for what is and what will be.

There’s so much more, but this is a start. In a way, it feels good to tell myself those things, even 15 years too late. It reminds me how much I have grown, and how short that time was. It reminds me to continue to grow. It reminds me to be patient.

And it reminds me to have faith in the future that the Lord has planned for us!

Also, I love Joel.

“It’s Not You; It’s Me” and other things a pastor says when he leaves

Posted by Laure on 2012.09.06 @ 10:56:12 pm

It's not you; it's me

Betrayal. That’s the first thing I felt. How can he do this to us?

Then came confusion. Why? Why would he want to leave us? Did something happen?

Next, anger. Who do they think they are? This is wrong!

I don’t know what is normal in these situations. I have never been part of a church that had the pastor announce unexpectedly that he might be leaving to take a position at another church.

All the explanations in the world wouldn’t smooth this over. In fact, the ones that seemed like they should have been the most comforting were actually the most frustrating and, yes, hurtful.

For instance, when he said that this exploration of another church was part of the Lord’s calling, I felt like scoffing. Really? What is this, a 9th grade break-up speech? You’re using the “the Lord doesn’t want us to be together” defense? What’s next? “We can still be friends”? Give me break.

My instinct was to hear it as one of those “it’s not you; it’s me” platitudes. Of course, it’s not us. We are great. It’s that there is someone else that he’s eying up.

So, I put on a strong face and pretended that I believed the thing about the Lord’s calling. But I didn’t. Not completely. And that’s when the Spirit whispered in my ear, in that way the He does… the whisper that makes your guts drop and your heart skip a beat… the whisper that is louder in your heart than someone shouting through a megaphone in your face.

You weren’t angry when your sister followed her call.

Of course not.

Why not?

And there they were, staring me in the face—the two giant, glaring reasons why I was so very wrong.

Reason 1

When my sister decided to move to Papua New Guinea for two years because she felt the Lord’s call to go, I didn’t feel angry. I didn’t feel betrayed. I didn’t feel confused. I felt excited for her. Sure, I was worried for her safety. Sure, I was sad that I would be missing her. Nonetheless, I didn’t feel any negativity about her decision, because I knew that the Lord wouldn’t call her to something unless He needed her—specifically her.

When the Lord calls, it’s no suggestion. It’s not up for debate or discussion. He has a reason, whether it makes sense in our small-time, one dimensional frame of mind or not. Our job is to follow His leading wherever it takes us.

Reason 2

When a pastor is called to leave his church, if it feels like a bad breakup, then something is horribly wrong. If a pastor seems like a church’s boyfriend, then that church is cheating on Christ, since the church is Christ’s bride.

The people in a church are brothers and sisters to each other in Him. A pastor is another brother. A teaching, leading brother, but a brother nonetheless. That’s how twisted it is for a church to put their pastor in the place of Christ—it’s like a wife cheating on her husband with her own brother.

Ew. (And I don’t even have a brother.)

A church is greater than a single charismatic leader, no matter how great he is. If it’s not, then it is not a Church of Christ; it is a cult of personality that deserves to crumble.

So, is my church a cult of personality? Is my church cheating on Christ? I don’t think so. Not yet. Not as a whole. Every church has its weak parts and weak moments… We’re a body of dastardly sinners, after all.

Beneath all of my indignation and anger at the idea of our pastor leaving was fear. Fear that place I have come to call home will stop feeling like home. Fear that all the plans we had set out to accomplish together will not come to fruition. Fear that our next leader will not want or need what I have to give.

Fortunately, I have scripture to help me with that.

Fear not, for I am with you;
Be not dismayed, for I am your God;
I will strengthen you, I will help you,
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Isaiah 41:10 (ESV)

So, where am I now? Past those initial feelings of anger and betrayal? I hope so. Past the fear? Not quite, but I’m working on it. The unknown is always scary, but it is comforting to know that the future isn’t unknown to everyone.

All the days ordained for me were written in your book
before one of them came to be.
Psalm 139:16b (NIV)

I wouldn’t wish this purgatorial waiting on any church. It is hard, gut-wrenchingly hard, to wait months to find out if the teacher and friend we all love is going to stay or go. But we can do it. We will survive it. No matter what the outcome is, it is already ordained. Now is the time to prayerfully support our pastor, allowing him to wait on the Lord’s leading without having to worry about what the congregation is thinking or feeling. It’s not about what we’re feeling. It’s about who we’re following.

Like our old capital campaign slogan constantly reminded us, we’re walking the path, and together, we’ll follow Him.

Evangeline is 16 Months Old!

Posted by Laure on 2012.08.30 @ 04:23:53 pm

evie at 16 months

Evangeline is 16 months old!

Clothes Size: 18m for tops; 18m for bottoms

New Stuff: Says “Na-na” for Nina when I point to a picture of Caryn; using spoons and forks on her own occasionally; running; taking steps one at a time while holding our hands; she seems to have had a foot growth spurt as she’s nearly grown out of the Crocs and canvas sneakers she got in July; sometimes she puts her hands together on her own when it’s time to pray… but sometimes she ignores us completely… depends on her mood; she’s increasingly becoming her own person, showing preferences and opinions about almost everything we encounter in the day (diaper changes, foods, clothes, toys, books, inside/outside, etc.)

Words (9): Momma, Dadda, Mom-mom, Na-na (Nina for Caryn), cheese, tee (teeth, as in “brush teeth”), yah (yes), nah (no), uh (up), dah (down), PLUS animal noises (cat, sheep, cow, snake)

Favorites: Loves to read her “Face Book” (a photo album of all our immediate family members); looking at flash cards on the iPad; reading books alone or with us; her stuffed kitty cat (she walks around “meowing”); making a tent from blankets over her head; loves brushing her or my hair; loves to play with hair ties and headbands (but can’t wear them yet… not enough hair);

And just for fun…

August 28, 2011 (4 Months)

evie 16 months

August 28, 2012 (16 Months)

Evangeline is 15 Months Old

Posted by Laure on 2012.07.30 @ 03:11:29 pm

evie 15 months

Evangeline is 15 months old!

Clothes Size: 12-18m for tops; 12-18m for bottoms

New Skills: WALKING (started about 3 weeks ago)!! She’s also making attempts at running (but usually that ends badly); climbing down from the couch, chairs, or our bed (she can’t climb up yet, though); still says “ya” or “ya-ya” for yes; shakes her head “no”; recognizes people in photographs when I say things like “Where is Grandma?” or “Where is Lincoln?”; says “Mom-mom” whenever she sees the iPad (we Skype with my mom a lot, so she thinks the iPad’s name is Mom-mom); putting simple puzzles together (big shapes); connecting Duplo blocks on her own; points to body parts when you ask (head, nose, tongue, feet, and belly are consistently correct… all the others just default to head or tongue ha).

Favorites: Duplo blocks; pushing her own stroller or the shopping cart; petting Roxy, playing with Roxy, and seeing Roxy run; loves to eat grapes, strawberries, blueberries, and peaches (yay for summer produce!); big fan of pretzels, although she can’t really chew them… she just like to suck the salt off them; SHE LOVES HER CROCS (thanks, Grandma!); and she loves to look at pictures and videos of herself on the iPhone or iPad—she can even do the swiping motion to get the pics to advance and knows to touch the little “play” button to make the videos play. Tech-savvy kiddo already! Oh, did I mention that she pretty much knows how to work the stereo too? Ha!

And just for fun…

July 28, 2011 (3 Months)

evie 15 months

July 28, 2012 (15 Months)

The Big Adoption Post

Posted by Laure on 2012.07.01 @ 05:25:38 pm

As many of you know, Joel and I are in the beginning stages of applying to adopt a child. Things have been moving along very smoothly so far, which is such a blessing! Our preliminary and formal applications have been submitted and approved, so the next step in the process for us is A LOT of paperwork (send some anti-paper-cut prayers up for us! ), background checks, a few classes & seminars, and 5 books of required reading.

One of the first things people say when we tell them about our adoption plan is — isn’t that really expensive?

In short… yes. And no.

We’re currently applying to the transracial domestic infant adoption program, which, according to our agency, Bethany Christian Services (bethany.org), has an average cost of $18,000. That is considerably less than the average cost of an international adoption. The cost to adopt an infant from within the United States includes expenses like counseling and support for expectant parents, adoption education, family assessment/home study, legal documentation, etc.

We plan to cover the costs associated with the adoption process in several ways:

  • First, we are living frugally (shout out to Crown Financial and Dave Ramsey) and saving as much of our income as possible to put toward our adoption. Saving is difficult these days, as we are also working hard to pay off our student loans and car loan within the next 3-5 years, but we are doing everything we can to put every extra penny into the adoption fund!
  • Second, after our adoption is finalized, we will apply for a federal tax credit, assuming it is renewed by Congress before it expires at the end of 2012 (one more thing to pray about). Read more about that here »
  • Third, we will be applying for a number of adoption grants, once we are a bit further into the process and can qualify to apply (most require that you are home study approved before applying).
  • Fourth, I have two shops on EtsyCherrystone (where I sell my handmade cherry pit heating pads) and Lulazoo (where I sell my handmade nursery linens, toys, and other decor items). The proceeds from all sales from these shops go to our adoption fund (more than $950 since Nov 2011).
  • And finally, we are fundraising. Our first fundraiser was this spring—homemade peanut butter eggs, which helped us to raise nearly $350. The silent auction looks like it has raised about $1,350!

Why Transracial Adoption?

First things first… What does “transracial adoption” mean?

Transracial [...] adoption means placing a child who is of one race or ethnic group with adoptive parents of another race or ethnic group. In the United States these terms usually refer to the placement of children of color [...] with Caucasian adoptive parents. (from childwelfare.gov)

So, why did we choose to enter the trans-racial adoption program? Well, there are several reasons. I’ll give you the bullet points, and you can ask me about the details later if you feel like you just have to know more.

  1. I think the Lord has always been leading me to and preparing me for this. When I was little, I had my parents buy me black baby dolls… I wasn’t concerned with my “babies” looking like me.
  2. When I was in high school, I babysat for a family whose four gorgeous kids were adopted, and each one had a unique mix of ethnicities in his/her background. White/Black, White/Hispanic, White/Black/Hispanic…. Their family inspired me.
  3. Based on these statistics from Love Isn’t Enough (see below), it seems to me that there is a shortage of people who are willing to put aside their “preferences” to adopt a child who needs a home. The waiting list to adopt a healthy, white baby is years long. There usually isn’t much of a waiting list to adopt children from minority backgrounds within the US. This is even more true of the US foster care system. In any case, it is our “preference” that our next child be whatever child God chooses for us, no matter what he or she looks like.
  • 88% would ‘accept’ a White baby
  • 33% would ‘accept’ a South American or Hispanic baby
  • 28% would ‘accept’ an Asian baby
  • 26% would ‘accept’ a Native American baby
  • 14% would ‘accept’ a Black baby
    (from Love Isn’t Enough)

Yes, it will be a challenge. Yes, it will be a lot to handle. Yes, it will change our life… but what child doesn’t do all those things? We pray that our friends and family members will accept this calling that the Lord has placed on our hearts and be willing to search their own hearts to rid themselves of any whisper of racism that hides there.

This whole process is intimidating, and we’re going to need your support.

Adoption Fund Status

You may notice that we’ve added a thermometer to the sidebar along with a little PayPal donate button. That’s not to pressure anyone into feeling obligated to make a donation or to turn this blog into a giant “GIVE US MONEY” advertisement. Our reason is simple — a few people have asked us about direct donations, so we put the button there for them.

As for the thermometer, I put the goal at our long-term goal of $15,000, despite our short term goal being $5,000.

It is intimidating to look at that giant number and see our tiny color bar there at the $2,000 mark, but I like it. It reminds me that this whole thing is out of our control and that we cannot accomplish anything without the Lord’s blessing.

I have every confidence that the Lord will provide the funds that we need through our savings, donations, fundraisers, grants, loans, or tax credit.

Do not be afraid, for I am with you;
I will bring your children from the east
And gather you from the west.
I will say to the north, ‘Give them up!’
And to the south, ‘Do not hold them back.’
Bring my sons from afar
And my daughters from the ends of the earth–
Everyone who is called by my name,
Whom I created for my glory,
Whom I formed and made.

Isaiah 43:5-7

Silent Auction Update

Posted by Laure on 2012.07.01 @ 01:04:55 pm

It’s been two weeks since we launched our silent auction fundraiser and 13 hours since it closed, and I can now say a few things:

  1. If we do this again, I might use a service… It’s a bit more labor-intensive than I realized. And it would be nice if everyone was auto-billed via credit card, so I don’t have to keep track of payments.
  2. People are wonderful. Friends, family, and friends of friends and family came out in droves to check out our site, donate items, place bids, or just spread the word. I am amazed by the generosity! People have even given us more than their bids to help cover shipping and other expenses… and just because they wanted to.
  3. To quote the late Rich Mullins, our God is awesome. Seriously. We had hoped for $1,000. I secretly just hoped for $500, so this whole thing wouldn’t be a ginormous public failure. Silly me. I should have known to trust and relax.

So, what’s the grand total? Not sure yet, since most of the payments have not come in yet. But the grand total of the bids was…

Drumroll please…


Yes, you read that correctly, if you read thirteen hundred, forty-nine dollars.

Special thanks to the following people for their amazing generosity in donating items to the auction:

  • Lynn Friedberg
  • John David Kudrick
  • Andy Lepper
  • Dana Patterson
  • Dave & Mandy Reed
  • Katie Strohecker
  • Kelley Rose Waller

I guess it’s time for me to buckle down and get sewing & baking! :)

Evangeline is 14 Months Old!

Posted by Laure on 2012.06.29 @ 10:50:44 am

Evangeline 14 months

Evangeline is 14 months old!

Clothes Size: 12-18m

New Skills: WALKING a few steps on her own! Yay! Climbing or trying to climb things; Signing vocab — more, all done, thank you, hello/goodbye (wave); verbal vocab — Ma-ma, Da-da, dow (down), tee (teeth, as in brush teeth), bo (blow), ha (hi), ya (yes), ee-ya-ya-ya-ya (E-I-E-I-O from Old MacDonald)

Favorites: “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” from Mary Poppins, peas, pretzels, Skype & FaceTime with family, playing catch with a little ball… and carrying it around in her teeth like the dog, doing the “How big is Evie? SO BIG” thing (see below), singing “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” (especially the pig and sheep… apparently I make good snorting and baa-baa noises)


How big is Evie?


And just for fun…

Evie at 2 months

June 28, 2011

Evangeline 14 months

June 28, 2012

I think she may have less hair now than she did then. And her feet are basically still the same size (Just kidding, but they are really small. She wears 6-9m shoes!).

And there was much rejoicing

Posted by Laure on 2012.06.10 @ 10:48:14 pm

This month, my favorite Joel Kline celebrated his 29th birthday! I’d call him an old guy, but since I’m about to turn 30… I think I’d better resist that urge.

My parents were out visiting for the weekend, so we had a mini celebration with them before his birthday (Memorial Day weekend), which consisted of a quadruple-decker ice cream sandwich, topped with whipped cream and a candle (because he’s so BA, he only needs one candle to represent 29 years). Apparently, he also needed four plates to go with those four layers.

quadruple-decker ice cream sandwich

On Joel’s actual birthday the following Friday, I surprised him after work with a little celebration.

I made a two-layer (or double-decker) chocolate cake with peanut butter icing & crumbled dark chocolate Reese’s® cups… Umm, yes, it was delicious. And yes, I can say that because Duncan Hines® helped me with the cake since I was running out of time that day. I forget why. But I’m sure it was a good reason like baby tantrums or laziness. Joel’s present from his parents arrived, so I wrapped it up (left) next to the ones from Evie & me (left). And now you have witnessed the end of my last roll of gender neutral birthday wrapping paper. Time to go to Target!

Cake & Presents!

Cake Close-up

You’ll notice on top of the presents in that first photo, on the left, a little stack of 3″ x 3″ cards with a bow.

Cards 1

That was my favorite part of this birthday! I sent out an email the week of Joel’s birthday to his friends and family members to send me the answers to one or more of the following questions/requests:

  1. Favorite thing about Joel
  2. Favorite or funny memory of Joel
  3. Picture of you and Joel together (with date & description)
  4. Advice for the last year of his 20s (serious or funny)

Here are my favorite three responses:

What is your favorite thing about Joel? My favorite thing about Joel is his amazing MAN-ness. It rivals that of the greats, like Chuck Norris and George Washington. Joking aside, Joel -to me- shows one of the most sorely lacked attributes in the modern church. He lives his life with humility. And so many people will minimize that, but it’s something that is immense when pursuing and trying to mirror Christ in your life. Kudos Joel. — Jesse (a friend)

Advice for year 29: For the last year of your 20s, you should take a photo of yourself every day for the entire year and grow an epic beard for that entire year!  This will show off your manliness and man confidence to the world announcing that you are alpha male and will take no prisoners! — Jimmy (another friend)

What is your favorite memory of Joel? His third Christmas stands out to be exciting.  Joel sat on Santa’s lap a for the first time without crying.  He stole the show at Grandmom’s Christmas dinner by wearing a Santa hat and saying “Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas!”  And was so satisfied with a truck and horse trailer that he laid on the floor and played with it instead of opening his other presents.  He loved the train under the tree. He opened ALL the gifts with an enthusiastic “Look at that!” even the nice clothes. — Nada (Joel’s mom)

I loved reading all the responses… it reminded me of all the reasons why I love him so much! And made me laugh a lot too!

Cards 3

Cards 2

Joel reading the cards

Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to send in responses. I know he’s a dude, so he probably won’t mention it to you, but I know he really liked it. If you didn’t have a chance to send in your thoughts, feel free to post them in the comments, and I’ll make sure he reads it. If I get really energetic, I’ll make additional cards for his “Why Joel is Awesome” deck.

HAPPY 29th BIRTHDAY, JOELIO! I love love love you!

Evangeline is 13 Months Old!

Posted by Laure on 2012.06.10 @ 10:05:18 pm

Evie 13 months

Evangeline is 13 months old!

Clothes Size: 9-12m or 12-18m for tops; 12-18m for bottoms

New Skills: standing without holding on for short periods of time (while clapping, drinking from a cup, etc.); says “bo” or “ba” for blow (as a command… as in, “bo, dada!” so Joel will blow at her); says “dow” or other “d” sounds when she wants to be put down; walking for 10-15 steps while holding on to us with one hand; stacking cups and blocks;

Favorites: Pizza crust; RAISINS; graham crackers; sunglasses (mine to play with… unfortunately, not hers to wear); taking short walks with the dog; picking grass to examine closely (and sometimes taste); snuggling with pillows and blankets; pinwheels; her Radio Flyer wagon

Evangeline is 1 Year Old!

Posted by Laure on 2012.04.30 @ 08:34:46 pm

Evie 12 months

Evie tries to escape

Evangeline is one year old!

This month’s photo session was a bit more complicated than previous months, as Evangeline is becoming more and more mobile. Every day is an adventure!

Clothes Size: 9-12 Months for tops; 12-18 Months for bottoms (fluffy cloth diapered booty hehe)

New Skills: Pulls herself up to standing position (see above); “cruising” along furniture and transfers herself between furniture if it is close enough; walking behind her new red wagon push cart; stands for a few seconds at a time; says “mama” for “more” (and “mama” for Momma too… it’s sometimes hard to differentiate—ha!); blows raspberries, sticks out her tongue, and shakes her head to mimic us; points at things she wants to see, eat, or touch; answers yes and no questions with vehement hand gestures and facial expressions (especially when related to food).

Favorites: Strangers Like Me by Phil Collins (a favorite since the very early months); sweet potatoes, pancakes, and string cheese; brushing her teeth; wind chimes

Want to see the incredible shrinking stuffed bunny?

Evie at 2 WeeksEvangeline - 1 MonthEvie at 2 monthsEvie at 4 monthsEvie at 5 monthsEvie is 6 months old!Evie at 7 monthsEvie at 8 MonthsEvie at 9 monthsEvie 10 Monthsevie 11 monthsEvie 12 months

Happy birthday, my little Butter Bean!! You make my life better with every moment you are in it! Dada and Momma love you so much! Can’t wait to see what comes next for you!

Evangeline is 11 Months Old!

Posted by Laure on 2012.04.02 @ 12:03:21 pm

evie 11 months
Evangeline is eleven months old!

Clothes Size: 9-12 Months for the most part, but some pants (especially leggings) are 12-18 Months because of her cloth diapered bottom :)

New Skills: CRAWLING (yay!); pulling up from sitting to standing; climbing up onto her little step/chair; blowing when we say “blow” (she also may be trying to say “blow” back to us… it sounds like something between “bo” and “ba” most of the time)—we were trying to teach her to blow out her birthday candles, and it became a game. We’re not actually going to let her near a lit candle; it is just for comedic effect.

Also, should I call biting a skill? She’s starting to realize her independence by biting me and throwing small temper tantrums when we can’t figure out what she wants. I know that’s pretty typical of toddler behavior, but it happened so quickly! One day, I had a smiling baby, the next I have a toddler who tries to hit me when I don’t get her puffs fast enough. So weird! It’s a clear picture of our sinful nature—now it’s up to us to teach her how to have self-control and patience.

Less than one month until the big 1!

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